Anomaly Scan  

The anomaly scan checks that the important structures in the baby have developed normally.  
It looks at the way the baby's anatomy has developed from head to toe. Important structures such as the brain, spine, heart, face, stomach, bowel, kidneys, bladder and arms and legs are assessed. It also looks at the growth of the baby, the amniotic fluid around the baby and where the afterbirth (placenta) is lying.  
If a second opinion scan is requested, 3D ultrasound may be used in addition to 2D to get a better look at some of the baby's if a concern has been suspected. 
The Anomaly scan can be performed from as early as 18 weeks up to 24 weeks. 20 weeks is the preferable time. This scan is a wraparound scan and should not replace your NHS scan. You should still have your NHS anomaly scan as we do not offer it as a detailed medical diagnostic and screening service your pregnancy. 
You will get 1 glossy photo and printed report 
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