Pregnancy Scans  

HD LIVE Baby Scanning Equipment
Viability / Early Pregnancy Scan  
From 7+ weeks 
This is the first scan of pregnancy and is also known as the dating scan. 
From £120 
HD LIVE Baby Scanning Equipment
NIPT Test 
From 10+ weeks 
This is the Non Invasive Prenatal Test that screens for Trisomy 21, 18 and 13. This is available from 10 weeks. 
From £450 
HD LIVE Baby Scanning Equipment
Gender Scan 
From 16+ weeks 
The gender or sexing scan is 99% + accurate for gender and is available from 16 weeks.  
4D Preview included 
From £99 
HD LIVE Baby Scanning Equipment
Reassurance Scan  
From 14 to 24 weeks 
Check the fetal health and growth, amniotic fluid volume. 
4D Preview included 
Option of gender on this scan 
From £120 
HD LIVE Baby Scanning Equipment
3 and 4D scan + Wellbeing 
From 24 to 32 weeks 
See baby in 4D with this wonderful bonding scan. 
Check fetal growth, presentation and amniotic fluid volume 
From £140 
HD LIVE Baby Scanning Equipment
Wellbeing Scan 
From 24 to 35 weeks 
Check fetal growth, amniotic fluiid volume and umbilical Doppler flow  
From £140 


Payment is taken after your scan. We accept cash or card. 50 % deposit is required for all scans. 
All Prices include VAT 
50% deposit is required for consultation appointments which is not refundable. 
Twins additional £50. 
If you have any questions please call us on 01582943770, email or click below for our contact form. 
For 3D/4D Bonding scans we give 99% + guarantee that we get good views as scans are done by our 3D/4D Specialist  
and there will be no need for a re-scan 
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