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Viability Scan   

Cost £90 
This is the First Scan of pregnancy. 
This is an ultrasound examination performed early in pregnancy. We carry this out from 7 weeks to 10 weeks. It is usually an internal or transvaginal scan before 9 weeks and lasts takes 10 minutes.  
The scan checks that the pregnancy is growing properly in the womb. It establishes how old the pregnancy is and can give you your due date. 
The early baby at this stage is called an embryo. We will check for the heart beat and measure the length of the baby, this is the crown rump length. This measurement determines the gestational age. We may see the yolk sac, which is a circular bright structure that is the baby’s initial nutrition supply. 
If you can, having the scan after 8 weeks is best because it will allow you to see the early anatomy which will make the scan even more reassuring. 
The scan will also tell you if you have one or more babies. 
You will receive one glossy photo and printed report and you can upgrade for more glossy photo's or video clips direct to your phone. 
The Viability scan is helpful if: 
You would like reassurance about the pregnancy. 
You have had Recurrent Miscarriage and require early reassurance 
You have had fertility treatment 
You have had a previous ectopic pregnancy 

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