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Baby Scan Offers  


Baby Scan Gift Vouchers  £65 

These gift vouchers can be used for Gender, Wellbeing or 3/4D scans  
Baby’s heart beat 
99% + accurate gender confirmation if gender option 
 Well-being scan, growth & report and presentation folder 
Digital images to your phone 
Gender from 15 weeks 
HD Live 4D if over 22 weeks 
 Full movie recording of your 4D scan 
 2 colour photo photographs (including one large photo) 
99% + guaranteed views so no need for rescan 
To get this, book online and look in the Pregnancy scan offers, Gift Vouchers and Discounts Section. Book a date and this can always be adjusted to suit the person getting the gift.  

Refer a Friend and get 25% 

Refer a friend and you and your friend get 25% off your next scan 
Applies to 3/4D Bonding scan £140 
Listen to the baby's heart beat 
Confirm Baby's gender (optional) 
Wellbeing report with baby's weight 
See your baby's weight and position 
We scan you for longer with this package-40 minute appointment, 25% longer than any other clinic 
4D Movie recording direct to your phone instantly 
HD Live views inclusive free, no need to upgrade for this 
99% + guaranteed views so no need for rescan 
Sneak a Peek Gender Session 
£ 55 
15 minute session 
Listen to the baby's heart beat 
Confirm baby's Gender 
1 Colour glossy photo 
99 % + guaranteed views so no need for rescan 
Our highly trained specialists are patient and will get good views 
50 % off your next Sneek a Peek Wellbeing Scan which includes a 3D View 
Wellbeing Package 
What better way to bond and be reassured 
One Early Dating Scan plus two growth scans or alternatively three growth scans 
Harmony Scan Package  
Harmony Test at 10 weeks with a dating scan 
Early anatomy check from 12 to 16 weeks 
Check early development of the baby's anatomy  
Check the growth and wellbeing of the baby 
All this four weeks before the NHS anatomy scan 
Can also look at the uterine artery Doppler which checks the placenta function at 16 weeks (optional) 
The Harmony Test is a screening test so the result may show a low or high risk result. We find that the 12 to 16 weeks appointment offers an opportunity to discuss the results in person and get any other advice that may be needed 
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