Looking for Private Baby Scans in a beautiful modern contemporary friendly clinic with the latest 3D/4D Technology? 

Pregnancy Scan Packages at  The Aster Baby Scan Clinic  

These scan packages allow you to see your developing baby and give you additional reassurance that all is well.  
You will see a heartbeat and the movement of the baby. Depending on the stage of pregnancy, you will see the growth and enjoy baby's features in 3 and 4D. 
Images and clips of your baby can be instantly shared with your smart phone. 
With all packages you should still have your NHS screening scan at 12 weeks and your 20 week NHS anomaly scan as the main purpose of these packages are for reassurance. 
Early Pregnancy Reassurance  
3 Scan Package 
9 to10 weeks Viability/Dating 
12 weeks Reassurance 
16 to 18 weeks Reassurance  
20 minutes 
Baby's heart beat check 
Gender option at 16 weeks 
Baby's growth  
Check amniotic fluid around baby 
Placenta position 
2 glossy photos 
Printed report  
All digital images moving cine clips sent direct to your phone 
Pregnancy Reassurance 
3 Scan Package 
9 to 12 weeks Dating 
16 to 18 weeks Reassurance 
23 to 24 weeks Wellbeing/Growth Scan 
with 3D/4D view 
20 to 30 minutes 
Gender opinion from 16 weeks 
Baby's growth and weight 
Check amniotic fluid around baby 
2 glossy photos 
Printed report 
All digital images moving cine clips sent direct to phone 

Private 3D & 4D Ultrasound in Dunstable Luton - Bedfordshire Hertfordshire Buckinghamshire 

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