Looking for Private Baby Scans in a beautiful modern contemporary friendly clinic with the latest 3D/4D Technology? 

Early Pregnancy Reassurance Scan  

This scan is available with us from 10 weeks to 14 weeks 
The early pregnancy reassurance scan confirms that the pregnancy is ongoing.  
This scan dates your pregnancy and gives an early indication of the number of weeks of your pregnancy. It gives you an estimated due date. 
It checks that there is heart beat for the baby and that the pregnancy is in the womb. 
It also establishes if the pregnancy is a single or multiple pregnancy.  
The scan lasts around 20 minutes. You will get 2 glossy photos, video clips and a printed report. 
Women that may require an reassurance scan include those with a history of miscarriage, pain, bleeding, or just want reassurance. An reasurrance scan can be done through the tummy (transabdominal) but sometimes and internal scan is required if clearer views are needed. 
See pregnancy scan packages for more information 

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