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Aster Mama Birth Preparation and Parenting Classes  

Our classes aim to give expectant parents balanced information and advice for a safe pregnancy and positive birth experience 
We will help you to understand how your body will respond to labour and birth, how to cope with the early stages of labour and to recognise when to contact your hospital. 
We will give both you and your birthing partner lots of ideas to help with the natural birth process including how to help your unborn baby adopt a good position before birth, pain relief options, hypnobirthing and various positions that will maximise how your body will labour 
We will also talk you through situations where intervention might me necessary to safeguard both the mother and baby, we aim to give you the information to make informed choices that will ensure that you and your partner maintain control of your care and that of your baby 
The postnatal period is also very important for your transition to parents. We will help you to recognise a well-baby and when you need to seek medical advice. We will look at how you might choose to feed your baby – breast or formula, and how to maintain your own emotional and physical well-being in the early weeks as parents 
Our team will be available to answer any questions that arise following our classes and you will be offered a chance to come and discuss your birthing experience if you wish at an informal reunion 
All the classes will be delivered at the beautiful Priory View where you will feel at home 
Our classes are more suitable for exparent parents that wish to have a more one to one or small group personalised experience so we keep class sizes small  

Antenatal Classes in Dunstable Luton - Bedfordshire Hertfordshire Buckinghamshire 


Previous complicated pregnancy or difficult birth 

We provide bespoke classes for women that have had a complicated pregnancy or experienced a difficult birth 
Our midwives are able provide advice that is tailored to your needs and provide one to one support. 
They will let you know the best proven techniques that will empower you and leave you in control during this pregnancy.  
You may wish to opt for this course if you have had a medical concerns during a previous pregnancy, a previous caesarean section or instrumental delivery or difficult birth. 
You may also wish to have more support if you are currently undergoing fertility treatment or you are an older mother 
The Course is delivered in 3 x 90 minute Sessions or more if requested by couples 
£150 per couple or £75 per person 
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