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This scan confirms that the pregnancy is ongoing. It gives an early indication of the number of weeks of your pregnancy. It checks that there is heart beat for the baby and that the pregnancy is in the womb. 
Women that may require an early dating scan include those with a history of miscarriage, pain, bleeding, or just want reassurance. An early dating scan can be done through the tummy (transabdominal) but sometimes and internal scan is required if clearer views are needed. 
This scan is available with us from 7 weeks to 14 weeks 


The nuchal translucency scan assesses the baby by measuring an area of fluid behind the baby’s neck. This area (nuchal translucency) has been found to be higher in some pregnancies where the baby is at risk of chromosome problems such as Downs syndrome, Edwards syndrome and Patau syndrome.  
The information from the scan can be combined with blood tests taken from you to give a risk for the Downs syndrome, Edwards syndrome and Patau syndrome. The scan will also look at the development of structures and do an early anatomy check. 
This is available between 11 weeks + 2 days and 13 weeks + 6 days 


Available from 10 weeks 
At the Aster Baby Scan Clinic Limited we offer the Harmony™ Prenatal Test™. This is a Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) that assesses the risk for the three most common chromosome disorders, Down syndrome (trisomy 21), Edwards syndrome (trisomy 18), and Patau syndrome (trisomy 13). 
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We offer the gender scan, which will tell you if you are having a girl or boy. 
We offer this between 17 and 23 weeks because we feel that this offers the best accuracy. We will check the fetal heart rate, amniotic fluid and gender. 
The anomaly scan checks that the important structures in the baby have developed normally. It also looks at the growth of the baby, the amniotic fluid around the baby and where the afterbirth (placenta) is lying. This can be performed from as early as 18 weeks up to 24 weeks. 20 weeks is the preferable time. 
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One for the family photos and videos are the truly fantastic Aster Babylove 3D and 4D HD Live Bonding scans. You can see your baby and enjoy all the intricate movements the baby makes. You see the baby’s features and not only get to guess who the baby will look like but share in the delightful facial expressions your baby will make. 
These images and clips can be instantly shared with your smart phone. 
We suggest this is best done from 26 to 32 weeks 
The fetal wellbeing scan will check the size of the baby and the amniotic fluid volume. In addition, the blood flow in the umbilical artery can be assessed to give an indication of how well the placenta is working. 
The fetal wellbeing scan is done between 24 to 34 weeks 
The reassurance scan will assess the size of the baby and amniotic fluid. 
This scan can be done between 14 and 24 weeks 
This scan checks the presentation of your baby 
This is only available if you have had previous scans at the clinic 
We will check the presentation, amniotic fluid and placenta blood flow 
We offer this at 36 weeks 
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First trimester screening for chromosomal abnormality 
The uterine artery is a blood vessel that is important in the early forming and working of the placenta. It supplies the placenta. Looking at the uterine artery blood flow helps to check if the placenta is working well. It can be useful in indicating if a woman is at a high risk of blood pressure problems such as pre-eclampsia or fetal growth problems. It is not a national screening test but some studies do suggest it provides additional information if performed at around 12 weeks. 
This is done by measuring the length of the neck of the womb or cervix. There is good scientific evidence that if the cervix is short there is a risk of having the baby very early (preterm birth). This may be useful if you have had a previous preterm birth, miscarriage after 14 weeks or surgery to your cervix. Cervical assessment is done through a series of scans. We offer this from 16 weeks. 
Second opinion scan when a problem is suspected 
Pre-pregnancy advice and Postnatal advice 
Debrief for women with a previous difficult pregnancy 
Aster MAMA antenatal classes for expectant mothers 
Aster MAMA aims to give expectant mothers useful advice and support about labour and delivery. These will be two 2-hour sessions by experienced midwives. You relax, we create, you enjoy. 
The course will cover birth preparation including 
An explanation of normal birth process 
How to understanding and optimise the antenatal time 
How to choose a place to give birth 
The options for pain relief in labour 
Access to Hypnobirthing 
Unexpected complications such as caesarean sections or instrumental delivery 
Postnatal advice and effective breastfeeding 
Aster Lifestyle and Nutrition aims to provide advice healthy lifestyle, exercise and nutrition advice for from the pre-pregnancy time, throughout pregnancy and after pregnancy. 
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