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Wellbeing Scan  

The fetal wellbeing scan will check the wellbeing of your baby. 
This is done by assessing the size of the baby and the amniotic fluid volume around the baby. The scan will give you an estimated weight for your baby.  
In addition, the blood flow in the umbilical artery can be assessed to give an indication of how well the placenta is working by Doppler Ultrasound. The scan will also assess the position of the baby. The scan lasts 30 minutes and you will get 2 glossy photos, a printed report with additional photos and video clips direct to your phone. 
The fetal wellbeing scan is done between 24 to 34 weeks 
You may wish to have this scan to check the general wellbeing of the baby 
You may also wish to have these scans if you have had pregnancy complications in your previous pregnancies. If you have had a previous pregnancy complicated by a pregnancy loss, high blood pressure or pre-eclampsia, a small baby or growth restriction, diabetes. You may also wish for a second opinion of a wellbeing scan.  
You will get 2 glossy photos, video clips and 
a printed report with photos 

 Reassurance Scan  

The reassurance scan will assess the size of the baby and amniotic fluid. 
This scan can be done between 14 and 23 weeks. 
You will get 2 glossy photos and a printed report with additional photos and video clips direct to your phone 

Wellbeing Scan-Fetal Growth- Dunstable Luton-Bedfordshire Hertfordshire Buckinghamshire 

Reassurance scan Dunstable, Reassurance scan Luton, Reassurance scan Milton Keynes, Reassurance scan Bedford, Reassurance scan Leighton Buzzard, Reassurance scan Aylesbury, Reassurance scan Tring, Reassurance scan South Bedfordshire, Reassurance scan North Bedfordshire, Reassurance scan South Buckinghamshire, Reassurance scan North Buckinghamshire, Reassurance scan North Hertfordshire, Reassurance scan East Hertfordshire, Reassurance Scan West Hertfordshire. 

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