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Private Pelvic Scans - Well Woman -  Currently not available  

Pelvic Gynaecology scans are performed by Dr Rachana Shukla.  
Dr Rachana Shukla is a Consultant Radiologist with an NHS appointment at Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust.  
Dr Rachana Shukla requires a referral letter from your specialist or GP.  
The scan will look at the womb (uterus), the lining of the womb, the ovaries and pelvic structures.  
See how to make a referral to us - Once your specialist or GP writes a referral letter you can email this to us yourself if your specialist/GP can provide a copy for you.  
You may also provide specialist or GP with information about us so they can refer to us directly. 
Dr Shukla will write a report which you should give to your GP, Gynecology Specialist to arrange your further management.  
Reasons for Pelvic Scans include: 
Well woman health check 
Irregular periods 
Pelvic pain 
To assess the position of coils 

Endometrial Thickness Scan before fertility Treatment 

If you are having fertility treatment and have been asked to have a scan to check the lining of your womb by your fertility clinic, Dr Shukla can offer this scan and send the report directly to your fertility clinic for their interpretation and management. 
We advise a full pelvic scan h which also includes this endometrial thickness measurement 

Pelvic Scan, Gynaecology Scan, Well Woman Check  

Well Woman Check  Pelvic and gynaecology scan available with GP or specialist referral 

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