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Private Pelvic Scans - Well Woman - From October 2020  £150  

Pelvic Gynaecology scans are performed by Dr Rachana Shukla.  
Dr Rachana Shukla is a Consultant Radiologist with an NHS appointment at Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust.  
Dr Rachana Shukla requires a referral letter from your specialist or GP.  
The scan will look at the womb (uterus), the lining of the womb, the ovaries and pelvic structures.  
See how to make a referral to us - Once your specialist or GP writes a referral letter you can email this to us yourself if your specialist/GP can provide a copy for you.  
You may also provide specialist or GP with information about us so they can refer to us directly. 
Dr Shukla will write a report which you should give to your GP, Gynecology Specialist to arrange your further management.  
Reasons for Pelvic Scans include: 
Well woman health check 
Irregular periods 
Pelvic pain 
To assess the position of coils 

Pelvic Scan, Gynaecology Scan, Well Woman Check  

Well Woman Check  Pelvic and gynaecology scan + well women blood tests available with GP or specialist referral 

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