For Your Unique Pregnancy Baby Scans, Experience ASTER 

3D and 4D Bonding Scan   £150  

One for the family photos and videos are the truly fantastic Aster Babylove 3D and 4D HD Live Bonding scans. You will see how your baby is going to look like. 
The difference between The Aster Baby Scan Clinic and other clinics is that these scans are done by a Consultant Specialist. Dr Bamfo and she has over 15 years scan experience to obtain crystal clear views of the baby.  
Book your 3 and 4D Baby Scan online  
Please note due the Covid Pandemic this scan is slighter shorter than pre-Covid and 2 photo's are given 
Enjoy the magic of a  
3D/4D Bonding Scan  
The most dvanced ultrasound technology in the 3D/4D baby Scan experience. 
See your baby and enjoy all the intricate movements the baby makes. See the baby’s features and see who the baby will look 
It is important to note that 3 and 4 D bonding scans serve to show your baby's face and features and enhance baby bonding. 
3&4D viewing can be performed after 18 weeks however, we suggest 24 to 32 weeks for the best images. 
Aster Babylove 3D/4D HD Live Bonding Scan  
24 to 32 weeks 
20 minutes 
Live Bonding scan 
See and hear baby's heart beat 
Free gender 
Baby weight estimate 
Amniotic fluid around baby 
Presentation and placenta position 
Umbilical Doppler if indicated 
Printed report and 2 photo's  
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