For Pregnancy scans, Antenatal Classes and Women's Health, Experience Aster  

Early Viability/Pregnancy Reassurance and Gender Scans  Bletchley   

Early Viability, Gender and Reassurance Scans Bletchley  We are a short 30 minute drive to consultant led scans.  We are a friendly and family clinic with fantastic facilities. A visit to the Aster Baby Scan Clinic is a special experience.   We are the only clinic in Bedfordshire to send you your baby scan photo's direct to your phone  Clean Environment, Quality Care Service, Flexible appointments. State-Of-The-Art Imaging   

The Aster Scan Difference? 

• See and hear your baby's heart beat 
• Estimate your due date 
• Growth and Wellbeing 
• Amazing Photo's and video clips sent direct to your phone 
• Amazing reviews  
I highly recommend Aster baby scan clinic! The receptionist greeted us and was very friendly and chatty which was lovely, Jaqueline explained the whole scan to us, showed us every detail of our baby, she was even able to tell us our baby’s bladder was getting full and ready to do a wee! She also showed us its toes and fingers, heart, kidneys, everything! It was so relaxed, did not feel rushed at all, Jaqueline was very thorough which we loved! Very friendly, great photos and videos, great room, I honestly can not recommend this place enough! Worth every penny! 

Wellbeing + 4D Scans  Bletchley    

Realistic 4D Bonding Scans Bletchley 
• Crystal clear view of baby 
• Amazing bonding for the family  
• See baby's features and gestures 
• See the family likeness 
• Add wellbeing to estimate baby's weight 
See our FAQ's about our scans and also directions. 

Directions from Bletchley 

We are a 30 minute drive from Bletchley 
For more information or to book a scan, please call our clinic or email us. 
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