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Welcome to the Aster Baby Scan Clinic.  
We are committed to providing first class pregnancy scans.  
We are the only pregnancy scan clinic in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northampton and nearby areas providing private pregnancy scans performed personally by a Fetal Medicine Subspecialist,  
Dr Jacqueline Bamfo is a Consultant Obstetrician and Maternal Fetal Medicine Sub-Specialist. She is the Lead for Fetal Medicine in her NHS practice. 
In addition to pregnancy scans, we provide antenatal support by experienced midwives that are dedicated to providing a personalised service tailored specifically to your needs. 
"Simply the best! We received the most warm and welcoming service today. Such an in depth and informative scan, we even counted all the fingers! I can’t thank these ladies enough! Can’t wait to come back for our 4d scan." 

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At the Aster Baby Scan Clinic, we believe that pregnancy scanning deserves attention to detail. Dr Jacqueline Bamfo provides Early Pregnancy Scans, Gender Scans, 3 and 4D Scans, Wellbeing Scans and many more services. We have a unique Pregnancy Scan packages and Pregnancy Support Scan Package for parents that have experienced a pregnancy loss, pregnancy complications or are undergoing fertility treatment. Dr Bamfo and her team will provide the personalised reassurance that is required by expectant parents. Dr Bamfo has over 15 years experience in pregnancy scanning and uses advanced state of the art HD live ultrasound technology to see the baby during each stage of development. Private maternity ultrasound can provide early rassurance about the baby and extra reassurance thouhout the pregnancy. Read more to find out the benefits of private pregnancy scans.  
We provide a wonderful variety of scans for Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire, London and beyond. We will walk you through the excellent choice of pregnancy scans and will ensure you have a wonderful experience from the moment you arrive in our clinic until the time you go home and cherish the memories.  
We have a relaxing facility that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Priory view is a home away from home and all the family can enjoy the facilities. 
We have sameday, evening and weekend appointments. 

Private Maternity Care or Overseas / International patients 

We provide pregnancy scans to self funded patients to complement your private maternity care 
We are delighted to introduce our premium scan range, the Aster Babylove 3D and 4D HD Live scans. What better way to bond with your unborn baby? Enjoy the picture perfect 3D images of your baby. These 4D HD Live scans are certainly for the family videos and are a fantastic way to bond with your baby. You can see your baby and enjoy all the intricate movements the baby makes with The Aster Babylove 4D scans. You will see your baby's features and not only get to guess who the baby will look like but share in the delightful facial expressions your baby will make. 
The Aster Gender Reveal Scan will let you in on the secret. 
Our viability scan, dating scan and fetal wellbeing scans can put your mind at ease so you can enjoy your pregnancy. 
We provide Non Invasive Prenatal Testing with the Harmony Test and Iona Test. This is the latest screening for Down syndrome and similar abnormalities. We also do the nuchal scan, gender scan and wellbeing and reassurance scans anytime. We perform the anomaly scan which checks that the fetal structures are developing, assess placenta function using uterine artery Doppler, and can perform preterm birth risk assessment. If you wish to know how your baby is lying, we do the presentation scan at anytime.  
The additional scans we have here will certainly complement the NHS scans. 
Our staff are friendly, experienced and strive to give expectant parents the best possible care. 

Private Pregnancy Ultrasound Dunstable Luton-Bedfordshire Hertfordshire Buckinghamshire 

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